Expungement New Mexico

Don’t let a mistake you made when you were young hold you back forever. New Mexico has just passed the most expansive expungement law in the country. That means you may be eligible to have your entire criminal record completely erased – even if you were convicted!

If your case was dismissed (nolle prosequi, no-bill at grand jury, or acquittal at trial) or you completed PPD (pre-prosecution diversion) or you received a conditional discharge, then you are entitled to have the record of that arrest expunged – wiped from your record – one year after dismissal. This section of the Expungement Act allows your record to be cleared, no matter the original crime charged.

If you were convicted of a crime, whether you received a deferred or suspended sentence or even if you went to prison – you may have your record expunged after a certain period of time if you have had no further convictions and can demonstrate good character. Note that under this provision of the Expungement Act, certain crimes, such as DWI or child abuse, are not eligible for expungement.

But still, it’s a process. The DA, the law enforcement agency that charged you, and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety all have to be notified of your petition to wipe your slate clean. Expect them to put up a fight. That’s ok, because we at The Lahann Law Firm have your back and we’re not afraid to fight to clear your good name.

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The full text of the New Mexico Expungement Law.

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