MVD License Revocations

When you are arrested for DWI, the State of New Mexico also will attempt to revoke your license to drive in most cases. Even if you are licensed in another state, the State of New Mexico will attempt to revoke your privilege to drive in this state. In either event, if you continue to drive after revocation, you will be arrested and face a minimum of seven days in jail. It is very important to contest the revocation of your license.

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When you received your paperwork, you should have been served with a Notice of Revocation. This document was also submitted by the officer to the Motor Vehicle Division in Santa Fe and proceedings have started to revoke your license or privilege for at least six months. You only have ten calendar days from your arrest to request a hearing on your license. If you do not request a hearing, your license or privilege will be revoked.

If your request is timely submitted, a hearing will be set within ninety days. At that hearing your attorney can challenge many things, including the constitutionality of your stop, the officer’s conduct in administering field sobriety tests, and the accuracy of your breath or blood results. The hearing officer – an employee of the same Department as the MVD – will make a decision following the hearing. If you are revoked, you will be required to obtain an ignition interlock device (IID) if you wish to keep driving.

IIDs are expensive and embarrassing to use. If you have a job that requires driving a government or company vehicle, such as a postal worker or delivery driver, you may lose your job.

Do not take your license lightly. Hire an experienced attorney to fight for your license and your future. You cannot afford otherwise.

Southern New Mexico MVD License Revocations Lawyer

Take advantage of your rights to have an experienced Southern New Mexico MVD License Revocations Lawyer on your side to protect your license to drive.

Attorney Jeff Lahann has helped hundreds of Las Cruces drivers fight for their future driving privileges and freedoms. You are entitled to put Jeff’s knowledge and skills in the courtroom to work to defend yourself against losing your MVD license.

DWI Convictions and MVD Licensing

A conviction for DWI in New Mexico will result in revocation of your license or CDL. That criminal conviction will be captured forever in the form of a criminal record, and it may also affect where you can live or work forever. Do not put your future at risk; get the criminal defense you need now, from the Lahann Law Firm.

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