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While laws concerning marijuana and other drugs seem to be loosening their tight grip on criminal charges across the country, New Mexico still remains tough on substance abuse in almost all varieties.

If you were charged with a drug crime in this state, it is crucial that you get help from an experienced Las Cruces drug crime lawyer right away. At The Lahann Law Firm, our team brings more than 75 combined years of criminal defense law experience to each case we take.

We understand the strategies prosecutors and law enforcement use to secure convictions, and we are here to fight on your behalf.

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Defending Against the Charges

Whether or not you are guilty of any drug-related offense, you can count on one thing: prosecutors will be looking to convict you of a crime and slap you with harsh penalties. These could include jail time, fines, probation, and the challenge of having a criminal record following you around for years to come.

The Lahann Law Firm understands the importance of being able to tell your side of the story, and we want to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

We may be able to help prove that:

  • Law enforcement failed to lawfully obtain the evidence in question
  • The substances in question did not belong to you or were not unlawfully in your possession
  • Punishments sought by prosecutors do not match the nature of the crime
  • Your rights were violated by law enforcement
  • The evidence for your crime does not exist

Being convicted of a crime is a scary prospect.

The Las Cruces criminal defense lawyers at The Lahann Law Firm can help you better understand what to expect and how to prepare for the legal proceedings ahead. During your free consultation, you can gain a clear understanding of the details of your situation, giving you more confidence and hope about your possible outcome.

Are Edibles Legal in New Mexico?

Yes, edibles are legal in New Mexico. Since the signing of the Cannabis Regulation Act. recreational cannabis is legal for adults 21 and older. Residents can possess up to 800 mg of edible cannabis and have more at home if it is stored is a locked container.

Does New Mexico Accept out of State MMJ cards?

New Mexico does accept out of state Medical Marijuana cards. Patients with proof of authorization from a medical cannabis program from another state, also known as reciprocal participants, can start purchasing medical cannabis from dispensaries in New Mexico without paying an extra fee.

Reciprocal participants may purchase and possess up to 230 units or 8 ounces of cannabis in a 90-day period.

Call Now to Get Started

There is no time to waste. Once you are charged with a crime, the clock starts ticking, and your court date edges closer and closer. Let our team help you fight for the best possible outcome. Whether it is a negotiation on your behalf to reduce the sentence or to litigate aggressively in court, we are confident in our ability to help you protect your future.

Call (575) 300-5856 or contact our Las Cruces drug crime defense attorneys online to meet with The Lahann Law Firm.

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  • “In June of 2008 I had my life turned upside down and had to hire a Criminal Attorney. I called all over Las Cruces and spoke with a lot of attorneys. I then spoke with The Lahann Law Firm and ...”

    - E.G.M.
  • “Jeff is an amazing attorney who works hard to ensure you winning results, his staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again Lahann Law Firm for all your hard work! I am truly grateful!”

    - A.L.
  • “Terese Lahann is very easy to talk to. The staff is reassuring and keeps their clients informed. The front office secretary, Josefina, is professional, friendly, and helpful. They are a solid choice.”

    - K.P.
  • “Having to deal with attorneys is never an easy feeling. Securing the "right" attorney is even more difficult. Mr. Lahann is extremely knowledgeable and his staff was amazing to me. All questions, ...”

    - J.G.
  • “In June of 2008 I had my life turned upside down and had to hire a Criminal Attorney. I called all over Las Cruces and spoke with a lot of attorneys. I then spoke with The Lahann Law Firm and ...”

    - E.G.M.

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